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The Legend of Korra is a show about balance, which means that it is also a show about tension—between tradition and progress, preservation and innovation, nature and society. The ideal it seeks is dynamic equilibrium, not a triumph of one over the other. And that requires both the narrative and the characters to juggle contradictory concepts and feelings that as they seek homeostasis.

Tenzin and Korra’s arc, pro-bending, hell, even Mako’s vacillating, “all or nothing” approach to relationships are legible according to that fundamental theme. This is a world and a set of individuals who at their best should seek balance, not transformation. 

As exemplified beautifully by Jinora, who in contrast to Unalaq (the extreme of spirituality) and Varrick (the extreme of technology), balances being spiritually aware and technologically informed. 

let’s also note that this isn’t just a running theme in lok, it’s been a running theme since atla - it’s the entire idea behind the avatar and this entire series and will continue to be. don’t try to tell me lok hasn’t organically grown out of atla and continue to uphold the same themes, because it totally has and does. i feel like people often forget that although, yes, atla and lok are both very different, they are also overwhelmingly the same.

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.” — C. Assaad (via theytookmyluna)

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People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.

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I’ve realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path.