i don’t need you
to fight my battles,
i just need
for you to be there
when my hands
begin to tremble
and my voice breaks,
to help me
steady my sword
and teach me
how to roar.

m.v., I am my own savior, you are a companion. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

Anonymous asked: Wait, you have to wait on line for hours to get into the panel? O__O Why..

well, first off i want to say all my knowledge of this comes from sdcc, so it may be different with nycc:

but basically depending on how popular the panels in a particular room are, and assuming they don’t clear out the room between panels, basically people will come in and sit through the panels they don’t care about, and then as people leave after their panels you can move forward and get better seats, and basically slowly work your way to the front by the time it’s your panel. also depending on how popular the room is there may be lines waiting to get into the room in the first place.

the situation with ballroom 20 at sdcc was worse because it’s one of the most popular rooms and forms a LONG, long line, which is why we had to camp overnight for that. i’m assuming this will not be as bad for nycc, but i have no idea just how early people will be thinking is best to start the whole wait in line/sit in the room and work on moving forward process. could be 2-3 hours before the lok panel, could be less, could be more…i just don’t know. i’ll just be following the lead of the nycc-ers who have done this before.

tspcapacity replied to your post: tspcapacity replied to your post: anon…

i dont want it to be before, i will literally be camping out in every single panel before the lok one in order to get a magnificent seat. :P but i will do what i must to get a decent seat AND autographs.

ugh yeah…that could potentially be an issue :/

i’m hoping camping out for the panel isn’t as big a deal as ballroom 20 at sdcc…i’m hoping it’s one of those where you can just go in like 2-3 hours before and work your way to the front…like the lok panel back at sdcc 2011…now that was nice and simple…

but i am not familiar with my nycc stuff so i’ll just be following everyone else’s lead

at least we definitely don’t have to camp out all night…as fun a tradition as that was the past few years at sdcc…fun-ish :P

queermonsterqueen asked: I'm crying over my opal love rn, she looks so good in the trailer and the sneak peeks




NYCC Avatar Meet Up after Panel →



Come vote!

Alrighty folks. Some us talked about having a 21and over meet up for avatar fans at NYCC. Some of these places do let minors in I think. So depending on what place wins, I’ll create a Facebook page with all the details. Thanks!

tspcapacity replied to your post: anonymous said:Do you know if Bry…

bryke (and david and pj) are only going to be at nycc on thursday, according to the nycc website. there better be a lok activision party on thursday…

aha! okay then…well that would seem to settle it being a signing on thursday then, because bryan said they’d definitely be at one. although because the panel is later in the day they could have a signing before or after…before might be more likely actually.

Anonymous asked: Imagine an episode like Nightmares & daydreams from ATLA where Korra is sleep deprived and she does the "baby..... You're my forever girl" hallucination with Asami. Art of that would be amazing.



your daily reminder that avatar korra is not straight